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Volunteer Appreciation Month

Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and the Desert Ridge Community Association, and its management team would like to thank all current and past residents that served and contributed tremendously as community volunteers during the period from April 2022 to April 2023.

Committees are an important part of our association operations. Committee members help keep our community vibrant; and, by augmenting paid staff, they save the association thousands of dollars each year. The association just wouldn’t be what it is without our active and effective committees. They deserve our sincerest thanks.

However, to be successful, our association needs to cultivate fresh ideas and encourage additional resident involvement in our committees; so, we’d like your help on one of our committees.

Committees give the board a way to gather information, offer new ideas and opinions and provide a training ground for future board members. All committees are advisory to the board unless given specific decision-making authority by the board or CC&Rs.

The board provides each committee with a job description, goal and mission statement via the committee charter to help it succeed as a community resource.

Our association has three types of committees:

1. Administrative committees, like our Design Review Committee and Nominating Committee are set out in our association’s Bylaws and CC&Rs. They are ongoing, permanent and often have clearly defined power and authority.

2. Standing committees, such as our lifestyles, communications, finance committees, are established by the board for an ongoing and specific purpose. These committees generally make recommendations to and act under the supervision of the board.

3. Ad-hoc committees, are established by the board as needed for specific projects and tasks. When the task is complete, the committee is disbanded.

So, if you’re thinking about running for the board in the future and want to learn a little more about association operations first, or if you’re interested in helping improve your community or just want to get out and meet neighbors, we would be thrilled to talk to you about our committees and how you might be able to help. Contact any member of the board or contact the management team for more information at

Special Thanks to our Desert Ridge Community Association board members and committee volunteers.

Doug Dickson – Board President, Finance & Communications Committees Vice-Chair

Reginald Younger, Jr. – Board Vice-President & Public Affairs Committee Chair

Steve Burns – Board Treasurer, Finance Committee and Community Awareness Committee Chair

Barry Goldfarb – Board Secretary, Design Review Committee Chair and Nominating Committee Vice-Chair

Alex Liggins – Board Director, Nominating Committee Chair

Natasha Sijic – Board Director

Joan Diercks – Lifestyles Committee Chair

Barry Wilson – Communications & Lifestyles Vice-Chair, and Public Affairs Committee

Ron Bookholder – Public Affairs Committee 

Jim Davis – Public Affairs Committee

Terry Coult – Design Review Committee Vice-Chair & Finance Committee

Nina Renee – Lifestyles Committee Vice-Chair

Debi La Rosa – Board Director, Lifestyles & Communications Committees Chair

Dr. Richard Brash – Board Director, Finance Committee, Public Affairs Committee, Design Review Committee, Communications Committee 

Patricia Brash – Lifestyles Committee Chair

Rob Reichstein – Communications Committee Chair & Lifestyles Committee


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Officer Jeffrey Blair

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