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3 Ways Parents Can Encourage Social-Emotional Learning in Children

3 Ways Parents Can Encourage Social-Emotional Learning in Children

Parents are starting to promote the overall development of their children and recognizing the importance of social-emotional skills. Learn how you can encourage social-emotional learning in your children, too.

Most parents agree that the quality of their children’s education plays a key role in their overall development. While parents are optimistic about the future of education, they also recognize that children have educational needs beyond what is considered standard. According to a Harris Poll survey conducted on behalf of KinderCare, 83% of parents believe it’s important for children to be raised with social-emotional skills. Consider these three ways parents can encourage social-emotional learning in their children:

1. Practice Emotional Literacy at Home

Disagreements among parents and siblings are almost inevitable at home. While this can seem challenging to handle, it can serve as an opportunity for children to practice emotional literacy by identifying their feelings and the feelings of others. It also gives children the opportunity to practice their listening skills and put themselves in the other person’s shoes. By using these skills, children can develop a stronger sense of empathy and understand how their emotions drive their actions.

2. Practice Mindfulness with a Relaxing Activity

Mindfulness can help children understand and regulate their emotions, especially when it becomes a regular habit. Parents can instill this habit in their kids by picking a set time to do activities in a calm space at home every day such as reading a book, listening to calm music, or something as simple as deep breathing.

3. Provide Unplugged Opportunities to Connect with Other Children

Activities that don’t revolve around a screen and encourage in-person socialization with peers can provide opportunities for children to practice building their social-emotional skills. Programs like KinderCare’s Champ Camp include indoor and outdoor group activities as well as field trips designed to help children use their natural creativity and curiosity to learn and develop important social skills.

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