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Consistency Starts at the Beginning

Consistency Starts at the Beginning

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When I ask any of my students their goal in taking a lesson, I usually get one of three answers…more distance, more consistency or lower scores. Although all three goals work hand in hand to complement each other, today I will be focusing on creating more consistency. A consistent golf game begins with a consistent setup. 

The first step to a consistent setup is to set your club. Most people begin their setup by gripping the club first. If you grip the club first, your entire setup revolves around how you are holding the club. You will be much more consistent and accurate by setting your clubface first. By lining up your clubface first to your target, your entire setup will be based on your target instead of your grip. Simply hold the club in your right hand for a right-handed golfer and open your body up toward your target (see figure 1). Opening your body towards your target allows you to see your target better and aim your clubface more accurately.

Step 2 you should set your feet according to the alignment of your clubface. The errors I see is when students try to align their body based on where their target is located. After your clubface is aligned toward your target simply align your body to your clubface. If you align your body to your clubface at this point, you will be aligned to your target. When setting your feet consider your ball position, width of your stance and the distance your body is from the ball (see figure 2).

The final step to making a consistent setup is to take your grip. Simply allow your arms to hang down and grip the club (see figure3). By gripping the club last, you will be gripping the club in the correct location on the club. By gripping the club in the correct location, you will adjust for subtle undulations on the golf course instead of gripping too high or too low on the club.

Consistency in your golf game will help lower your scores and provide more enjoyment of the game. The first step in creating more consistency is to create a consistent setup. By setting the club first, next your feet and take your grip last, you will be putting yourself in the best position to make a great swing.

Matt Keel

Director of Instruction 

Wildfire Golf Club

Matt Keel is the Director or Instruction at Wildfire Golf Club located at the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge. For any questions or information about golf lessons or programs, email Matt at or visit


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