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King or Queen for the Day?

At Desert Ridge, continual improvement is at the center of our belief system. We refer to it as,“Raising the Bar”, the idea that over time we want to continuously become better and better. With that concept in mind, we ask the following question:

If you were King or Queen For a Day, what is the ONE thing you would do to improve our Desert Ridge Community?

It’s an honest question and we’d like your answer. Please email us your response to Remember it’s limited to only one item!

We ask the question to gain feedback and insight from our community. We really want to understand what the needs, wants and desires of our membership are so that we can address them. Please give your answer some thought and keep it constructive.

It’s been a little over five years now since we polled our community and created our Strategic Community Plan. This effort was incredibly successful and brought MAJOR changes and benefits to Desert Ridge. Some of the things that we accomplished:

Outcomes from the first Strategic Community Plan

  1. A beautiful dog park that sets new standards for the City of Phoenix.
  2. Completion of Deer Valley Road with six lanes from Black Mountain Blvd. to Cave Creek Rd.
  3. Athletic fields and skate plaza
  4. Expansion of the existing parks
  5. Pump track for bicycles
  6. New street lights
  7. New street signs replacing nearly illegible ones
  8. Street improvements and repairs
  9. Created a Strategic Community Plan Public Affairs Committee
  10. Created a Parks Sub Committee to address ongoing issues
  11. Closer relationship with the City of Phoenix Departments

All of these items were part of the feedback we received from our original Strategic Community Plan. That feedback was organized into a poll and distributed to our membership. The results were examined and a detailed Strategic Community Plan was published and distributed to our membership, the Phoenix City Council, Mayor and other Department Heads city wide. We were organized, focused and communicated our expectations. The City of Phoenix responded and has developed a close working relationship with our Association ever since.


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