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Yard Sale Tips

Spring has sprung and it’s that time of the year again. And who doesn’t love Good Junk? Read on to pick up some tips for your next yard sale.

Yard sales are a great way to kick off spring cleaning. You’ll clear clutter from your home and get paid to have someone else haul away your old stuff! But along with rewards, yard sales also come with some risks. Keep these tips in mind to host a safe and successful sale:
Review your homeowners or renters insurance. You could be liable if a bargain hunter is injured on your property. Contact your insurance representative to be sure you are adequately covered.
Have helpers. Arrange for family and friends to help, and assign everyone to specific jobs. That way, you’ll have extra sets of eyes on your merchandise and money, as well as someone to oversee the sale when you step away.
Hire a babysitter. Let someone else watch your young children and pets while you’re working. Do not let your pets roam the sale unattended, no matter how well-behaved, yard sales get hectic.
Restrict access to your house. Lock doors and windows, and close the curtains. Don’t allow strangers to enter to try on clothes or use the restroom. If weather and space allows, close your garage door and host the sale on your driveway or lawn.
Organize the merchandise to deter accidents and theft. Place higher-priced items near the checkout, keep aisles clear and display hazardous wares out of children’s reach. And don’t forget about things that aren’t for sale: Cover items stored in the garage, check to make sure storage shelves are secure and look for hazards in your lawn and sidewalks that could cause injury.
Protect your money. Keep all money in a zippered wallet attached to your belt. Periodically bring extra cash into the house—keeping just enough to make change. If you choose to use a cashbox ensure that it is guarded and not accessible to everybody. Decide before the sale if you will be accepting larger bills, if you chose to do so there is a greater chance of counterfeiting. Sellers may want to make a small investment in a counterfeit pen, they can be picked up at any office supply store. Twenty-dollar bills are the most counterfeited bills and do not accept checks. Do not place the monies received in cashbox before counting back their change. This will ensure there is no miscommunication on the amount of cash received for items.
Keep shoppers safety in mind. Before selling an item, make sure it hasn’t made the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s list of recalls. Don’t sell children’s safety equipment, furniture or toys that are outdated or damaged.
Control traffic. Insist that shoppers park
in legal areas, and never in your driveway.
Keep your phone close an emergency can happen at any time. You may have an overall aggressive customer who refuses to leave or you may have someone who decides to steal some of your items. Therefore, you should always keep your cell phone in your pocket during the garage sale. Be sure that the battery is fully charged before the sale starts.


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