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Community Signage: Sign(s) of the Times

Community Signage: Sign(s) of the Times

If you’re paying attention to anything new that may pop up in Desert Ridge, you have probably noticed some additional signage. These new signs are found in the medians and throughout the common areas of the community.

One of the last things the Desert Ridge Community Association Board of Directors wants to do is interrupt the beauty of our community with a bunch of signs. Unfortunately, due to some recent situations, and requests for action, we were left with no choice but to add some signage to specific areas of Desert Ridge. 

It’s OK to Say No

Pursuant to the City of Phoenix Ordinance, it is illegal for individuals to panhandle in the medians. 

In response to people panhandling in the area, new signs have been posted on some of the arterial street medians and 101 exits. These signs read, “It’s OK to say NO to panhandlers. Give instead to agencies that help those in need”. Unlike some major cities which lack the resources to help get people off the street, Phoenix has quite a few organizations to help deal with individuals and families who are in true need and want help. Most of the organizations have trained professionals that offer people on the street various services which include food, shelter, help with drug rehab, and other behavioral health programs. 

Phoenix police officers and city officials have stated that people asking for money on the corners or in the medians can create unsafe situations that neither benefits the individual, nor the community. Furthermore, they also stated that well-intentioned individuals who give money to the panhandlers are actually contributing to the problems that many of these individuals are dealing with, instead of causing them to seek the professional help they need. One of the officers who has patrolled our area of the valley for years told me that “your heart may go out to them, but saying no to panhandlers is actually doing them a service.” 

No Trespassing

On a few occasions, people were discovered sleeping in common areas of Desert Ridge. The police came out, made contact with the individuals, and sent them on their way, only to have those individuals return a short time later. In order for the police to cite, or arrest people for trespassing, the association needed to file an “Authority to Arrest” (ATA) form with the City of Phoenix. Another requirement to enforce the ATA is the placement of No Trespassing signs in the affected areas. The No Trespassing signs have been strategically placed, and the police are now able to enforce the law. 

It is important to note, that the posted trespass signs do not prevent the community residents from using the master association common areas which remain open to all to enjoy. However, vagrancy, vandalism, and/or encampments of individuals within the common areas of the master association will not be tolerated. 

From a social standpoint, there are many aspects to dealing with homelessness, drug addiction, and behavioral issues. The members of the DRCA Board of Directors are not unsympathetic to the plight of individuals dealing with such challenges. Therefore, the board has requested that officers give a first-time warning with an offer for access to help. After that, the officers will cite or arrest at their discretion as circumstances dictate.

Illegal Signs

Local ordinances, along with the Desert Ridge community CC&R’s prohibit unauthorized signs in Desert Ridge. These include signs advertising yard sales, business opportunities, services, lost pets, etc., which are attached to traffic lights, utility poles, mailboxes, stop signs, or staked in any of the common areas. If you have questions about what signs you can put up, along with where and when, contact the Desert Ridge Community Association office management team at

Want to Play a Bigger Role in the Community? 

If you’re interested in learning how to start a neighborhood block watch program or want information on how to participate in the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol Program, please contact the Desert Ridge Phoenix Police Community Action Officer, Jeffrey Blair via email at or 602.495.5481.


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