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Summer Safety

Be prepared this summer! Enjoy these tips from the City of Phoenix

Take a hike. Do it right

Hike early before it heats up. Bring plenty of water and a cell phone, stay on designated trails, dress appropriately, and watch the weather. Pets are not allowed on trails when it’s over 100°. #hikeright

Pool safety

Keep children under active supervision at all times! Never swim alone and keep a cell phone handy. Maintain a self-closing, self-latching child resistant gate. Stay close and be alert. Learn about impacts to city pools this season at

Fireworks safety

Children should be supervised around fireworks. Half a bucket of water and a hose nearby in case of accidents or fires. Never throw or point fireworks at someone or hold them in your hand. Never try to relight a dud. Leave jumbo fireworks to the professionals.

Covid-19 precautions

Follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing while participating in summer activities.


Ask CAO Jeffrey Blair

Officer Jeffrey Blair

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