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Maintaining a Pristine Desert Ridge Community

Pristine Desert Ridge Community

Discover how to preserve property values and enhance community living by adhering to Desert Ridge’s guidelines.

As we approach the coming 4th quarter holidays and say farewell to 2023, we respectfully ask that residents do their part to help keep their community pristine and property values up. Below is a list compiled by the management team of some of the most frequently observed, reported, and documented occurrences throughout the year and holidays, which we all as a community can help to improve.

Landscaping maintenance: All landscape areas shall be maintained in good condition, including but not limited to weeds, irrigation, mowing, fertilization, shrub and tree pruning (We ask that trees be maintained to an 8’ minimum clearance over sidewalks and driveways for pedestrians and vehicles). Please assess your lot if you have mature trees that still have tree stakes or ties which are no longer providing support since the tree is established. It is recommended to have the tree stakes/ties removed, if they are no longer needed. All too often trees and shrubs are removed without getting replaced and it can lead to the front yard dropping below the minimum landscaping requirements for your front yard lawn. More information on these and other rules can be found in the Desert Ridge Community Association Residential Area Design Guidelines (DRRADG).

On-street parking in Desert Ridge is enforced by the association in accordance with the community governing documents. On-street parking is prohibited for all household tenants and residents. The only allowed on-street parking is permitted for temporary guest/visitor parking. Temporary guest/visitor parking is allowed for up to 2 days per month, any longer than that the guest/visitor is considered a long-term stay and must park on the driveway or in the garage. Please also be reminded that oversized vehicles, trailers, RVs, etc. cannot be stored where visible and that RVs and camper tailers can only be parked in residential areas for loading and unloading pursuant to City of Phoenix ordinances.

Holiday lighting/decorations that directly correspond to specific and generally recognized events may be displayed for a period of seven (7) days preceding the specific calendar holiday and must be removed within three (3) days following the said holiday. The only exception is for holiday lighting/decorations for the holidays that fall in the month of December. As to such holidays, lighting and decorations may be put up as early as the immediately preceding Thanksgiving holiday and must be removed by no later than January 7 of the immediately following month of January.

Trash and recycle containers placement should comply with the City of Phoenix requirements. The City Code states that trash containers may be placed out after 6:00 PM the day preceding collection and must be removed prior to 5:30 am the day after collection. Furthermore, it is unlawful to place or leave containers out except upon the regular collection day. There is of course an exception to that, and that is when a container is left out for replacement. Whenever you request a replacement be sure to notify the Desert Ridge Community Association so that you don’t receive a notice. Please also be mindful to place your containers in the street adjacent to the curb to prevent impeding or obstructing access to and use of the public sidewalks in our community.

All pet owners are reminded to immediately clean up after their pets and remove any pet droppings throughout the community. Doggie waste bags and trash containers are available throughout the common area of Desert Ridge to assist you in keeping the community clean and beautiful for all our residents.

Leash your dog for the safety and comfort level of all our residents and your pet. Please be reminded to leash your dog at all times when taking your dog for a stroll or play through the community parks, trails and common area. Residents are encouraged to use Pinnacle Dog Park located at the roundabout at Black Mountain Boulevard. Pinnacle Park has three (3) designated dog pens for dogs to run and play off-leash. The hours are from 5am to 11pm, every day. Please remember to bring a dog bag to pick up and help keep the dog park clean for other dogs as well.

Paint maintenance is a major expense that every homeowner must plan for to ensure their house is always maintained in good condition and repair in accordance with the community governing documents. The Desert Ridge Community Association management team conducts regular community inspections throughout all neighborhood parcels within Desert Ridge, notifying Owners whose homes are coming up on paint maintenance. If you have not painted your home in the last 7–10 years, it is probably nearing painting due to our harsh desert temperatures and sun exposure throughout the year. Provided below is the link to the Desert Ridge Lifestyles website where you can view and obtain the paint color palette for your neighborhood parcel specific to your home in Desert Ridge. Please use this link to select the paint colors for painting your home:

Please note that all residential exterior improvements to your home require prior approval from the Desert Ridge Community Association Design Review Committee (Master Association) and initial approval from your sub-association architectural review committee (if applicable) before you can commence any work, maintenance, and/or improvements to the exterior of a lot, unit, or parcel.
If you happen to receive notice from us, please do not hesitate to contact our office with any additional questions or concerns. If after our office hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm, please contact our 24/7 Customer Care Support Team at 480-551-4300. Let’s all do our part to work together in keeping our community beautiful and property values high!


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